An original way to experience a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops

DoggyBag – a digital platform to get quality food at almost a cost price

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How it works?


Install the app

Download and install the app for your platform


Choose an offer

Find the offer (doggybag) you want at the store nearby and at a suitable time.

Don't forget to check the seller's description as it may contain important information on the food offer. You won't be disappointed even if there is no description from the seller: the products inside doggybag are offered at such a great price! Just click "I want" to book it


Get your doggybag

Go to the store indicated for your booked doggybag.

Show the QR code from your app and get your doggybag after the payment.

Unpack it and enjoy!

Download for iOS Download for Android HUAWEI AppGallery

What is inside doggybags?

We have more than 250 restaurants, cafes, and food retail shops connected across Russia

How DoggyBag could help businesses?

Responsible consumption and food losses prevention

DoggyBag helps transform possible food waste and losses into sales. It provides excellent emotions for customers with every order served and supports responsible consumption trends

Marketing tool

DoggyBag is a universal marketing tool that can promote specific goods or locations (i.e. a new line of dishes and products or a newly opened store). Seller also gets an excellent opportunity for extra sales by offering a dessert or a drink when a customer visits the store to get doggybag

Customers attraction and retention

Interesting, original acquaintance with new guests and their retention. Excellent communication channel with loyal guests


Analytical data on working with the service, trusting contact, and constant interaction with users contribute to rapid improvements

DoggyBag numbers

Presence in 40 cities of Russia and constant growth

More than 1 000 000 app installs

Doggybags sold

Number of quality products sold

How to become a partner?

Start to transform your potential losses into revenue today and attract new guests! We will be glad to see both a small coffee shop and a large supermarket chain

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